Tsurumi’s GSZ pump lowers Wisconsin quarry costs and eliminates pollution concerns

A Wisconsin quarry replaced diesel-powered pumps in a newly acquired plant with an electric submersible GSZ pump, saving fuel and labor costs. The change to an electric pump resulted in significant reductions in regular maintenance needs and eliminated environmental concerns associated with diesel pumps. In addition to cost savings, there have been higher levels ofContinue reading “Tsurumi’s GSZ pump lowers Wisconsin quarry costs and eliminates pollution concerns”

Tsurumi pumps help restore fish habitats in Oregon river

Six KRS2-B6 submersible pumps worked 24/7 to support salmon and steelhead habitat restoration work in a Columbia River tributary Human activity has contributed to significant declines in fish runs in Pacific Northwest rivers Electric submersible pumps proved to be the ideal solution to keeping the work area dry, getting the job done faster Contracted byContinue reading “Tsurumi pumps help restore fish habitats in Oregon river”

Tsurumi Pump offers solutions for small spaces

Chandler, Ind.-based KM Specialty Pumps and Systems saw an opportunity to drive sales in the power plant industry when they had a recent uptick in rental in that space.  So, the company purchased two Tsurumi KRS822 pumps to add to its rental fleet, knowing the pumps could operate in small spaces with high-volume performance, whichContinue reading “Tsurumi Pump offers solutions for small spaces”

Pumping La Primavera

Pump project replicates Colombian river system in luxury shopping center Above: La Primavera Urbana, a luxury Colombian shopping center, replicated an Andes Mountains river system during a seven-month project. La Primavera Urbana is one of Colombia’s newest luxury shopping centers and home to one of the most ambitious water features in South America. Effectively replicatingContinue reading “Pumping La Primavera”