Cutting Through the Clog

A Brief History of Clogs The pumping industry has faced a growing predicament over the last 25 years. As conservation efforts have lowered overall water consumption, aging pumping systems have been forced to move an increasing amount of solids with less water. The invention of modern, disposable consumer products—such as flushable wipes—has put undue strainContinue reading “Cutting Through the Clog”

Tsurumi Cutter Pumps bring new advancements to New Holland Borough

New Holland Borough in Pennsylvania was experiencing repeated issues with nuisance clogs, which created work hazards for maintenance crews and affected operations of their sewage pumping stations, causing the Borough to rethink the technology that was in place at their sewage station. The Borough has had a long-standing relationship with Mid Atlantic Pump and EquipmentContinue reading “Tsurumi Cutter Pumps bring new advancements to New Holland Borough”