Maintenance Videos

We want to make pump maintenance and repairs as easy as possible. More how-to videos to come!

How to Replace Impeller on Tsurumi HS3.75S & HSZ3.75S Pumps

This video shows you how to change the impeller on an HS3.75S and HSZ3.75S pump with a few tools. You can do this at home or in your shop.

How to Change Pump Bearing

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How to Change a Cable on a Tsurumi HS Series Pump

This video shows a step-by-step explanation on how to replace a damaged power cable. This video is demonstrated for a Tsurumi HS Series pump.

How to Replace the Mechanical Seal

The seal is made from extremely resistant silicon carbide, making it extremely durable. However, at some point every mechanical seal needs to be changed. This can be done easily by yourself.

How to Install a Suction Plate

You can equip an HS2.4s with an optional suction plate. This allows a puddle sucker and a volume pump in one. Ideal for construction projects where you need to remove water down to a few millimeters. With the optional suction plate, you can remove water down to a level of 5mm coming from the standard 25mm!

How to Connect a Float Switch

Tsurumi pumps can be equipped with float switches, which monitors the water level and prevents the pump from running dry, reducing unnecessary wear. Greater operational safety is guaranteed. Furthermore, you can reduce the energy consumption by avoiding unnecessary operation.

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