Years after their introduction, Tsurumi Pump is seeing an increased demand for automatic moisture-sensing pumps

Durable and well-built, electric probe-equipped pumps remove the need for an automated control panel to switch off the unit during unattended dewatering. This is regarded as a far more reliable solution than competing offerings relying on unstable floats. Tsurumi’s built-in electrode sensors prevent dry running, extending motor life while reducing noise and energy consumption. DewateringContinue reading “Years after their introduction, Tsurumi Pump is seeing an increased demand for automatic moisture-sensing pumps”

Well dewatering done well: What to consider when planning the job

Planning and choosing the right pumps are crucial for a well-executed dewatering operation. Tsurumi Pump’s Western Regional Sales Manager Jeff Davis discusses how to maximize efficiency and avoid unexpected costs. What is temporary well dewatering and what are some examples? Jeff Davis: Temporary well dewatering is a technique used for temporarily lowering the groundwater tableContinue reading “Well dewatering done well: What to consider when planning the job”

Why choose an electric pump?

Electric submersible pumps have numerous advantages over fuel and diesel-driven pumps, making them the top choice for construction, mining and utility projects. Here are five reasons they are the first choice for contractors. Choosing the right pump for dewatering applications is crucial to ensure maximum performance and cost effectiveness. There are two broad categories of pumps: dieselContinue reading “Why choose an electric pump?”

Selecting the right submersible pump for construction dewatering

Whether the pump is using a motor or engine is just one important consideration. Many construction sites require the excavation of materials, such as soil, rock, sand and clay. These sites can be in the form of trenches, pits, caissons, cofferdams and more. For all of these forms, one important environmental factor to consider whenContinue reading “Selecting the right submersible pump for construction dewatering”

The benefits of titanium pumps

Progress in pump design and manufacturing processes have made titanium pumps a viable option. Not every pump is right for every application. That’s why it is important to accurately define the specifications of the pumping project before selecting the pump that will operate the most efficiently and will be the most cost-effective. Make sure toContinue reading “The benefits of titanium pumps”

Effectively maintain pumps and bounce back after failures

When it comes to pump maintenance, an ounce of prevention is worth gallons of cure. Pumps are some of the most depended on pieces of equipment in the industrial field. As a result, they are also some of the most abused. It is not uncommon for many end users to run pumps until they fail,Continue reading “Effectively maintain pumps and bounce back after failures”

What makes an electric submersible pump reliable?

High-quality materials and time-tested construction methods go to waste if a pump is not used constantly and responsibly. A reliable electric submersible pump is a necessity in any application. Regardless of the application, a pump faces an extreme number of variables during operation that can lead to its failure. It is impossible to predict whatContinue reading “What makes an electric submersible pump reliable?”

Understanding and avoiding pump cavitation

Proper planning and operation are essential. Pump cavitation is a destructive issue that can befall even the highest-quality pumping equipment. The symptoms range from excess noise and energy usage to serious damage to the pump itself. Thankfully, with the right planning and troubleshooting protocols in place, pump cavitation can be easily avoided. What is pumpContinue reading “Understanding and avoiding pump cavitation”

6 Common threats to pumps in mining applications

Many pumps fall prey to a myriad of problems that include corrosion and being crushed by heavier machinery. 1. Suspended Solids The most prevalent cause of mine dewatering pump failure is clogging from gritty, suspended solids and slurry. Water that makes direct contact with the operation is often dirty, containing foreign materials such as drillContinue reading “6 Common threats to pumps in mining applications”

Pump Failure Analysis

For many job sites, especially in the mining and tunneling industries, pumps are crucial to staying on schedule — when they start to fail, the entire project can be delayed. When it comes to water features, a failing pump can mean the difference between a charming ambiance or a stagnant eyesore. Following a major disaster,Continue reading “Pump Failure Analysis”