Tsurumi LH Series pumps save Illinois coal mine dewatering costs

An estimated $90,000 in annual savings results from the less-expensive initial purchase and regular servicing costs of the Tsurumi units. Three Tsurumi LH-6110 pumps replaced the previous system three years ago and, despite the harsh application, the pump motors have never failed. A coal mine in central Illinois is making huge annual savings of approximatelyContinue reading “Tsurumi LH Series pumps save Illinois coal mine dewatering costs”

What to consider when choosing pumps for quarry applications

Managing water is one of the most consequential aspects in sand and gravel-processing operations — to achieve optimum results, employing the right pumps is key. Aggregates such as sand, gravel and crushed stone are the most commonly mined materials worldwide for a reason: mixed with substances such as bitumen and cement, they provide the strength,Continue reading “What to consider when choosing pumps for quarry applications”

Tsurumi TRN aerators help Illinois town avoid dredging up the past

A lagoon wastewater system in Teutopolis, Illinois, was challenged with meeting new pollutant standards; the town faced a lengthy and expensive dredging project to overhaul it. Instead, after evaluating options, officials decided on using Tsurumi aerators before dredging, and they soon proved highly effective in properly oxygenating the water and reducing ammonia/nitrogen to adequate levels.Continue reading “Tsurumi TRN aerators help Illinois town avoid dredging up the past”


Hello and welcome to Tsurumi America’s new BUILT FOR WORK content website, a place to learn about new pumping technologies, fascinating projects, watch educational videos and so much more.  Over the years we have shared a tremendous number of stories with you about our new products, innovative solutions, expert dealer network, valued customers, maintenance advice, and of course, some of the most interesting pumping stories around.  Now we will be able to share news about Tsurumi Pump and the greater pumping world asContinue reading “Welcome to BUILT FOR WORK”

Tsurumi Pump Helps Bring Arts Building to Life in Massachusetts

Pumps donated by Tsurumi enabled the construction of the 17,000 sq ft Performing Arts Building by dewatering waterlogged soil for 24/7 over 19 months. Further pump donations are preventing rainwater pooling from cascading over its flat roof during the project’s final six months of construction. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, it has been no surpriseContinue reading “Tsurumi Pump Helps Bring Arts Building to Life in Massachusetts”

Mexican Mine Uses Tsurumi Robust GSZ-150-4 Pumps for Powerful Dewatering

A mining facility in the state of Chihuahua has built its dewatering system using 80 Tsurumi pumps exclusively, including six GSZ-150-4 pumps. Over the last decade the mine has replaced pumps from other brands with Tsurumi, citing quality, reliability and price as their reasons. Managing water is perhaps the most challenging aspect in the diggingContinue reading “Mexican Mine Uses Tsurumi Robust GSZ-150-4 Pumps for Powerful Dewatering”

Tsurumi Pumps Support Wildlife Restoration Work in Northern California

The California Gold Rush may have ended over 150 years ago, but its effects can still be seen in rivers and surrounding land that it took place in stretches of northern California. The Oroville area, about an hour’s drive north of the state’s capital of Sacramento, became famous for fortune seekers in the middle 19thContinue reading “Tsurumi Pumps Support Wildlife Restoration Work in Northern California”

Why Choose an Electric Pump?

Electric submersible pumps have numerous advantages over fuel and diesel-driven pumps, making them the top choice for construction, mining and utility projects. Here are five reasons they are the first choice for contractors. Choosing the right pump for dewatering applications is crucial to ensure maximum performance and cost effectiveness. There are two broad categories of pumps: dieselContinue reading “Why Choose an Electric Pump?”

Tsurumi Pumps Help Restore Fish Habitats in Oregon River

Upriver fish migration is one of nature’s most fascinating journeys. In northwestern Oregon, every year hundreds of thousands of fish take the perilous trip from the Pacific Ocean up the Columbia River and into its tributaries, returning to their place of birth to spawn and renew their life’s cycle. Since the roundtrip is done onlyContinue reading “Tsurumi Pumps Help Restore Fish Habitats in Oregon River”

Selecting the Right Submersible Pump for Construction Dewatering

Whether the pump is using a motor or engine is just one important consideration. Many construction sites require the excavation of materials, such as soil, rock, sand and clay. These sites can be in the form of trenches, pits, caissons, cofferdams and more. For all of these forms, one important environmental factor to consider whenContinue reading “Selecting the Right Submersible Pump for Construction Dewatering”

Delta Electro Power Solves Campground Clogging with Tsurumi Cutter Pumps

A large campground in Killingly, Connecticut, was experiencing pump problems at its summer campsite that houses around 15,000 people with cottages surrounding a lake. During the summer months, when camp is in session, a significant amount of sewage is pumped. Even when the summer camp isn’t in session, there are private residences that require aContinue reading “Delta Electro Power Solves Campground Clogging with Tsurumi Cutter Pumps”

Nevada Mining Company Installs Tsurumi Pumps to Supply Mill with Water

Water plays a critical role in the gold mining process. Supplying water to the mill process consistently on a daily basis is an important factor in keeping the mine production flowing. One of the largest gold mining companies in Nevada was experiencing pump breakdowns during its operation, ceasing work while the company worked to makeContinue reading “Nevada Mining Company Installs Tsurumi Pumps to Supply Mill with Water”

Pocono Township Overcomes Clogs

Larger particles in wastewater are often unavoidable and lead to clogging of the pump. With more hygiene and cleaning products being considered “flushable,” these costly clogging issues are becoming more prevalent in municipal wastewater applications. Cutter pumps were designed to resolve the common issue of clogging due to ragging. Cutter pumps chop solid matter beforeContinue reading “Pocono Township Overcomes Clogs”

Russian River Brewing Deploys Tsurumi Aerators to Treat Wastewater

Russian River Brewing Company in downtown Santa Rosa, California, is a renowned brewery that is best known for its award-winning IPA beer, Pliny the Elder. The company first opened its doors in 1997 at its Santa Rosa location and has since opened a new brewery and tasting facility in nearby Windsor. The brewery has wonContinue reading “Russian River Brewing Deploys Tsurumi Aerators to Treat Wastewater”

Solving an Inefficient Dewatering System

Schneider Excavating of Elgin, Illinois was hired by Hargrave Builders of South Elgin, Illinois, to manage the dirt and water removal on a new project located in Carpentersville, Illinois: laying the foundation for a 100,000-square foot commercial building on a 40-acre lot. Due to an extremely rough season for weather, every time it would getContinue reading “Solving an Inefficient Dewatering System”

Cutting Through the Clog

A Brief History of Clogs The pumping industry has faced a growing predicament over the last 25 years. As conservation efforts have lowered overall water consumption, aging pumping systems have been forced to move an increasing amount of solids with less water. The invention of modern, disposable consumer products—such as flushable wipes—has put undue strainContinue reading “Cutting Through the Clog”

The Hudson River Project

A pump service proposes to design & supply a dewatering system In September 2013, Pump Service and Supply of Troy in Troy, N.Y., presented a proposal to design and supply a dewatering system to Schiavone Construction Co. LLC of Secaucus, N.J. Schiavone had been awarded a $101.6-million contract to construct shafts for the Delaware AqueductContinue reading “The Hudson River Project”

Tsurumi Cutter Pumps Bring New Advancements to New Holland Borough

New Holland Borough in Pennsylvania was experiencing repeated issues with nuisance clogs, which created work hazards for maintenance crews and affected operations of their sewage pumping stations, causing the Borough to rethink the technology that was in place at their sewage station. The Borough has had a long-standing relationship with Mid Atlantic Pump and EquipmentContinue reading “Tsurumi Cutter Pumps Bring New Advancements to New Holland Borough”

Tsurumi Pump Offers Solutions for Small Spaces

Chandler, Ind.-based KM Specialty Pumps and Systems saw an opportunity to drive sales in the power plant industry when they had a recent uptick in rental in that space.  So, the company purchased two Tsurumi KRS822 pumps to add to its rental fleet, knowing the pumps could operate in small spaces with high-volume performance, whichContinue reading “Tsurumi Pump Offers Solutions for Small Spaces”

Submersible Pumps Provide Environmental Conservation at Cherry Dam

Upgrading a system at a dam while also protecting the fish and wildlife in an area can be a challenge. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (PUC) recently faced this dilemma at Cherry Dam, which is part of the Hetch Hetchy Regional Water System, located three and a half hours east of San Francisco onContinue reading “Submersible Pumps Provide Environmental Conservation at Cherry Dam”