Top 5 ways Tsurumi’s AVANT™ MQ Series pumps boost efficiency

By Chris Bristol, Municipal Product Sales Manager, Tsurumi America

The AVANT™ MQ Series is Tsurumi’s take on explosion-proof sewage pumps. Tsurumi has been an industry leader in submersible pumps for nearly 100 years. With this experience comes proven, time-tested engineering ability and know-how. Thus adding this capability into an FM-approved design with premium IE3 motors intended to perform in a wide range of applications.

With flexibility and customization in mind, our MQ Series offers multiple options for impellers, motors, and mounting configurations. These features allow a highly efficient pump to be built for your application. Let’s take a look at the top 5 ways Tsurumi’s AVANT™ MQ Series boosts efficiency.

1. Premium Efficiency IE3 Motors

The heart of the AVANT™ MQ Series lies in its premium efficiency, IE3 electric motors, designed for continuous duty while limiting energy utilization. These unique motors are classified as NEMA Class A with Class H insulation, designed to operate in S1 duty mode operation, even in water temperatures of up to 104° F.

2. Closed-Loop Cooling System

 The AVANT™ dry pit series offers a closed-loop cooling system, utilizing a water-glycol mixture. Our closed-loop cooling jacket prevents contamination while constantly cooling the motor. The closed-circuit system does not utilize wastewater to cool the pump, eliminating the possibility of clogging the cooling jacket. Our system offers an extra layer of protection against overheating.

3. Anti-Clog Hydraulics

One of the biggest problems in wastewater is the clogging of impellers due to fibrous and stringy materials. The AVANT™ hydraulic components have been specially designed to maximize efficiency, prevent clogging, and provide for free passage of solids. All models with open channel impellers feature an axial adjustment system, allowing the impeller clearance to be restored and maintain performance as components wear over time.

4. Proprietary Epoxy Coating

The epoxy coating material, adopted by Tsurumi, is specifically formulated to prevent and reduce wear due to erosion on pump impellers, suction flanges, and housings. This special coating was specifically developed to protect the wet end components, improving the pump’s corrosion resistance over its life span.

5. Modular Design Built to Fit Your Application

A final, but rather special feature of the AVANT™ Series is the option for customers to order application-specific pumps. This highly customizable pump is the true hero. When customers have a specific application need, Tsurumi is able to match their demands accordingly.

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