Over the years we have shared a tremendous number of stories with you about our new products, innovative solutions, expert dealer network, valued customers, maintenance advice, and of course, some of the most interesting pumping stories around. 

Now we will be able to share news about Tsurumi Pump and the greater pumping world as it happens, and it will be accessible right from your phone or computer. You’ll be able to follow and share the latest news through social media, and keep pace with us in real time during events like MINExpo, ARA and WEFTEC. 

Our new content website’s motto is “Where pumping meets people,” and we want to do just that: bring to life the stories of the people behind the products. Our experts will contribute their knowledge and we also want to showcase the great projects you’re working on with Tsurumi pumps. 

TsurumiPump.com will continue to serve as Tsurumi’s main website for company and product information. Please make sure to check it often for updates. Also, I invite you to take a moment to follow us on social media so you can keep pace with the latest and greatest from Tsurumi America. 


Glenn Wieczorek 

Managing Director of Tsurumi (America), Inc. 

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